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LassoDiscoModifyResponse — <disco:ModifyResponse>


Figure 101. Schema fragment for disco:ModifyResponse

<xs:element name="ModifyResponse" type="ModifyResponseType"/>
<xs:complexType name="ModifyResponseType">
    <xs:element ref="Status"/>
    <xs:element ref="Extension" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
  <xs:attribute name="id" type="xs:ID" use="optional"/>
  <xs:attribute name="newEntryIDs" use="optional">
      <xs:list itemType="IDReferenceType"/>

Schema fragment (liberty-idwsf-utility-1.0-errata-v1.0.xsd):

<xs:simpleType name="IDReferenceType">
    <xs:documentation> This type can be used when referring to elements that are
      identified using an IDType </xs:documentation>
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string"/>


struct LassoDiscoModifyResponse

struct LassoDiscoModifyResponse {
	LassoNode parent;

	 * - QNames define in strings.h (LASSO_DISCO_STATUS_CODE_* ) are expected to appear in
	 *   the"code" attribute of Status elements used in Discovery Service protocol messages.
	 * - The "ref" attribute on the Status element is not used in this specification,
	 *   so it MUST not appear on Status elements in Discovery Service protocol messages.
	 * - The contents of the "comment" attribute are not defined by this specification,
	 *   but it may be used for additional descriptive text intended for human consumption
	 *   (for example, to carry information that will aid debugging).
	LassoUtilityStatus *Status;

	char *id;
	char *newEntryIDs;

lasso_disco_modify_response_new ()

LassoDiscoModifyResponse *  lasso_disco_modify_response_new
                                                        (LassoUtilityStatus *status);