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LassoIdentity — Principal identity


A LassoIdentity object records the identifers that a principal use two federate pairs of providers.


struct LassoIdentity

struct LassoIdentity {
	LassoNode parent;

	GHashTable *federations; /* of LassoFederation */
	gboolean is_dirty;

lasso_identity_new ()

LassoIdentity *     lasso_identity_new                  (void);

Creates a new LassoIdentity.

Returns :

a newly created LassoIdentity

lasso_identity_new_from_dump ()

LassoIdentity *     lasso_identity_new_from_dump        (const gchar *dump);

Restores the dump to a new LassoIdentity.

dump :

XML server dump

Returns :

a newly created LassoIdentity; or NULL if an error occured

lasso_identity_get_federation ()

LassoFederation *   lasso_identity_get_federation       (LassoIdentity *identity,
                                                         const char *providerID);

Looks up and returns the LassoFederation for this provider ID.

identity :

a LassoIdentity

providerID :

the provider ID

Returns :

the LassoFederation; or NULL if it didn't exist. The LassoFederation is internally allocated. It must not be freed, modified or stored. [transfer none]

lasso_identity_destroy ()

void                lasso_identity_destroy              (LassoIdentity *identity);

Destroys an identity.

identity :

a LassoIdentity

lasso_identity_dump ()

gchar *             lasso_identity_dump                 (LassoIdentity *identity);

Dumps identity content to an XML string.

identity :

a LassoIdentity

Returns :

the dump string. It must be freed by the caller. [transfer full]