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LassoSaml2Action — <saml2:Action>


Figure 42. Schema fragment for saml2:Action

<complexType name="ActionType">
    <extension base="string">
      <attribute name="Namespace" type="anyURI" use="required"/>


struct LassoSaml2Action

struct LassoSaml2Action {
	LassoNode parent;

	/* elements */
	char *content;
	/* attributes */
	char *Namespace;

lasso_saml2_action_new ()

LassoNode *         lasso_saml2_action_new              (void);

Creates a new LassoSaml2Action object.

Returns :

a newly created LassoSaml2Action object

lasso_saml2_action_new_with_string ()

LassoNode *         lasso_saml2_action_new_with_string  (char *content);

Creates a new LassoSaml2Action object and initializes it with content.

content :

content of the new element

Returns :

a newly created LassoSaml2Action object