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LassoSamlp2Extensions — <samlp2:Extensions>


Figure 72. Schema fragment for samlp2:Extensions

<complexType name="ExtensionsType">
    <any namespace="##other" processContents="lax" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

To specify the content of this object you must attach an xmlNode to it using lasso_node_set_original_xmlnode(). The content (attributes, children and namespaces) of this node will be copied to the result node returned by calls to lasso_node_get_xmlNode().


struct LassoSamlp2Extensions

struct LassoSamlp2Extensions {
	LassoNode parent;

lasso_samlp2_extensions_new ()

LassoNode *         lasso_samlp2_extensions_new         (void);

Creates a new LassoSamlp2Extensions object.

Returns :

a newly created LassoSamlp2Extensions object