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Addon to SAML 2.0 profile for ID-WSF 2.0 bootsraping

Addon to SAML 2.0 profile for ID-WSF 2.0 bootsraping



lasso_login_idwsf2_add_discovery_bootstrap_epr ()

lasso_error_t       lasso_login_idwsf2_add_discovery_bootstrap_epr
                                                        (LassoLogin *login,
                                                         const char *url,
                                                         const char *abstract,
                                                         GList *security_mechanisms,
                                                         int tolerance,
                                                         int duration);

Add the needed bootstrap attribute to the LassoSaml2Assertion currently container in the LassoLogin object. This function should be called after lasso_login_build_assertion() by an IdP also having the Discovery service role.

The default tolerance and duration are respectively ten minutes and two days.

login :

a LassoLogin object

url :

the Disco service address

abstract :

the Disco service description

security_mechanisms :

the list of supported security mechanisms. [allow-none][element-type utf8]

tolerance :

see lasso_saml2_assertion_set_basic_conditions(). [default -1]

duration :

see lasso_saml2_assertion_set_basic_conditions(). [default 0]

Returns :

0 if successfull, otherwise LASSO_PROFILE_ERROR_MISSING_ASSERTION if no assertion is present in the LassoLogin object, LASSO_PARAM_ERROR_BAD_TYPE_OR_NULL_OBJ if login is not a LassoLogin object.

lasso_login_idwsf2_get_discovery_bootstrap_epr ()

LassoWsAddrEndpointReference * lasso_login_idwsf2_get_discovery_bootstrap_epr
                                                        (LassoLogin *login);

Extract the Discovery boostrap EPR from the attribute named LASSO_SAML2_ATTRIBUTE_NAME_EPR.

login :

a LassoLogin object

Returns :

a caller owned LassoWsAddrEndpointReference object, or NULL if none can be found. [transfer none]

lasso_saml2_assertion_idwsf2_get_discovery_bootstrap_epr ()

LassoWsAddrEndpointReference * lasso_saml2_assertion_idwsf2_get_discovery_bootstrap_epr
                                                        (LassoSaml2Assertion *assertion);

Extract the Discovery bootstrap EPR from assertion.

assertion :

a LassoSaml2Assertion object

Returns :

a LassoWsAddrEndpointReference or NULL if no bootstrap EPR is found. [transfer none]